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Train Yourself with Heavy Boxing Gloves

Heavy gloves can be frustrating. They feel awkward in your hands, they make punching and blocking difficult, and they’re an absolute pain when you’re just starting out and trying to connect with your sparring partners. They can even be more challenging for those who lift weights or do heavy bag work because the added resistance often makes it difficult to get a proper seal on the glove. But there are ways to fight against that frustration and become more efficient once you have a pair of heavy boxing gloves in your arsenal. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the all-time best training tips for heavy gloves. From focusing on specific parts of each workout to using different types of equipment, we’ve got everything you need to make the most of these frustrating but incredibly useful piece of equipment.

What makes a training tip for heavy boxing gloves?

If you’ve found yourself frustrated by the weight of your heavy gloves, you’re not alone. Heavy gloves can make sparring challenging for a number of different reasons, including increased resistance and added pressure against the sensitive areas of your hands. This can make it difficult to get a good seal against your opponent, and you can often feel the gloves in your hands even more while you’re sparring. However, this doesn’t have to be a roadblock to training. In fact, training with heavy gloves can help you build a great deal of functional strength in several key areas, such as your wrists and forearms. Since you’ll likely be using your gloves to hit heavy bags or mitts, you’ll also have an opportunity to work on your upper-body power, especially if you focus on straight punches.

Focus on the basics

While it’s tempting to make your boxing training heavier and more challenging in an effort to get stronger or faster, there’s a much better way to achieve your desired results. You don’t need to change your focus, but you do need to adjust some of the focus you’re placing on your training. This means focusing more on your basics and less on the more advanced elements of your training. When you focus more on the basics, you’ll be able to build upon the key elements of your training that are already within your reach. This includes your endurance, strength, speed, and flexibility, as well as your core and cardiovascular health. By adjusting your focus in this way, you can have a much more effective training experience with less risk of injury.

Hit the bag slowly and with focus

When you’re first learning to fight with heavy gloves, it can be tempting to try to hit as hard as you can right away. While this can help you get a great deal of power out of your punches, it can also lead to injuries and long-term damage to your hands. Instead, focus on hitting the bag slowly and with focus. This way, you can work on proper form and build up your hand strength gradually. While the bag is often used for bag work, it’s also a great way to begin your heavy gloves training. By hitting the bag slowly and deliberately, you can work on your hand strength while also improving your hand-eye coordination and hand speed. This can help you to fight with more power and to connect more consistently with your opponent.

Use the stairs instead of running up and down

Stairs are often used for cardio training, but they can be a great way to begin your heavy gloves training as well. By climbing stairs instead of running up and down, you’ll be able to build a smooth cardio capacity that’s more sustainable and long-term and can help to protect your hands from long-term injury. You don’t need a particularly long stair workout, but you do need to remember to be intentional with your movements. By climbing stairs, you can also protect your hands better by working on a more orthopedic (wear and tear on the joints) type of cardio. This can help to prevent injuries and improve your cardiovascular health.

Strive for speed while practicing drills

While you may have noticed that some of the best heavy boxing gloves training tips focus more on building endurance, you’re also likely to have noticed that they all include some sort of cardio element. This is because cardio is essential in boxing and boxing gloves, and it can be used to help to protect your hands and protect you from injuries. When you begin your heavy gloves training with a focus on cardio, you should also begin with speed. This can be achieved by using drills that require you to move quickly or by practicing with a partner. When you begin with speed, you can use the cardio element of your heavy gloves training to protect your hands.

Work your core to protect your ribs and hips

The best training tips for heavy boxing gloves will help you to focus on several key areas at once, but you should also make a concerted effort to protect your core. This can be achieved through core training, and it can serve to protect your hips and protect your ribs from long-term injury. When you focus on your core, you should also make sure to work on mobility and flexibility as well. This can help to protect your hips and can help to improve your cardio capacity and your flexibility. You should also make sure to make time for stretching and mobility drills, as they can serve to protect your hips and protect your ribs from injury.


Heavy gloves can be frustrating, but they can also be incredibly useful. They can help you strengthen your hands and protect them from injury, and they can help you work on your hand-eye coordination, power, and cardio with resistance. In order to make the most of your heavy gloves training, you’ll need to focus on your form and make sure to protect your core.

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