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7 Ways to Step Your Spotify Plays Up in One Night

Sounds like a lot of effort, right? And you’re probably wondering why you should bother doing any of this. After all, you’ve probably heard the same song a few times and you’re not really sure how to improve your listening habits. Well, the answer is simple: Spotify plays count as your personal metric. It shows how much you listen to specific songs and artists, and if you want to increase how much music you hear and how often you hear them, you’ll need to take some steps. Here are 7 ways you can step your Spotify plays up in one night.

Switch up your streaming

Switching up the songs you stream on Spotify can have a significant impact on how frequently you hear certain songs. Why? Because Spotify uses your streaming data to determine which artists and songs you like best. To put it another way, if you’re only listening to a handful of artists and songs, Spotify will only be able to show you those songs and artists over and over again. To keep you entertained, the service will then attempt to match the music you’re listening to with other music you might like based on your listening history.

So, instead of streaming the same few songs over and over, you’ll be hearing new music more frequently. Another benefit of listening to a wide variety of songs is that you are more likely to discover new artists and become more familiar with your existing favorites.

Play more Premium Spotify

The Spotify Premium service is $10 a month and includes access to an unlimited amount of music, an ad-free experience, the ability to build playlists, and much more. The Premium service is especially useful if you want to build a library of music. Why? Because it allows you to build a collection of up to 20,000 songs instead of being limited to a few thousand. Though there are free variations of Spotify, these free versions will at best allow you to stream a select few thousand songs, while the free Premium service has a much larger selection at your disposal.

With Premium, you also have the option to play music with less quality. You can play music at lower bitrates (128kbps instead of 256kbps or higher) if you’re not into the extra quality, but you’ll sacrifice audio clarity for lower audio quality. Sometimes the lower bitrate option is a better choice for activities like exercising or doing chores where you don’t want to listen to high-quality audio.

Follow more accounts

Following an artist or an account on Spotify allows you to see their new posts, see what other fans are saying about them on the platform, and see all the songs they’ve played on the service. Following an artist can also be beneficial if you’re looking for new music to listen to. Artists will often post links to their own music or other music they’ve featured on the platform.

Following an artist is a great way to expand your music horizons when you’re tired of listening to the same few artists over and over again. If you don’t already follow any artists, a great place to start is with the Spotify Top Artists page. This page sifts through top-ranked artists on the platform and recommends the most popular ones.

Stream songs you like and skip the rest

Another great way to step your Spotify plays up in one night is to stream songs you like and don’t stream the rest of the playlist. This will help you reach the top of your Spotify account because you’ll spend less time listening to songs you don’t like. However, it can also be beneficial when it comes to reaching the top of the charts.

Sometimes a song will go viral and suddenly be the most-streamed track on Spotify. If this happens, it could be a few weeks before that song falls off the top of the charts. By streaming songs you like and skipping the rest, you can make sure you’re still able to hear that one song and reach the top of your account before it’s no longer on everyone’s mind.

Keep a playlist of your favorite songs

If you don’t want to build up an enormous library of songs, but instead want to build up an impressive collection of your favorite songs, you can use Spotify’s “Add to My Library” feature. Just go to your Library page, click on the “Add to My Library” button, select your playlist, and you’re all set.

You can also share your Spotify playlist on Facebook or Twitter, which is helpful if you want to show off your impressive playlist collection to friends. However, if you want to create a more substantial playlist, there are some other things you can do. You can use tools to help you find music to add to your playlist, like Spotify’s Top Songs section.

Take advantage of personalization

Personalization is another great way to step your Spotify plays up in one night. Personalization is the ability of Spotify to show you music you’ve already heard or artists you’ve already followed. What’s great about personalization is that it doesn’t just limit you to a few options, but instead allows you to pick from hundreds of options.

You can choose from a few different categories for personalization, such as “Recommended for You,” “New on My Music Library,” and “New for Me.” What’s great about these categories is that you can choose which categories you want personalized music to be listed under. For instance, if you’re tired of seeing a lot of new artists and music from your favorite artists on your dashboard, you can select “New for Me” to remove that option.

Utilize the “Shuffle” feature

So, you’ve taken some steps to step your Spotify plays up in one night and you’re feeling confident. Now what? You can use the “Shuffle” feature to mix things up a bit. Why not turn your playlist into a random playlist? You can then listen to songs you’ve never heard before and keep your playlist fresh.


A playlist is a great way to step your Spotify plays up in one night. It allows you to build a set of songs you love and listen to them all at once. It’s also a great way to mix things up and avoid spending too much time listening to the same songs over and over again.

With these ideas in mind, you can start building your playlists and seeing how many times you hear a song you love.

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